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Decoding Mason Mount's goal vs FC Porto

- written by Football Miyan (@footballmiyan)

Chelsea FC took on FC Porto in the first leg of the last eight of the Champions League 2020/21 in Sevilla on Wednesday evening. Mason Mount scored a fantastic goal to open the scoring vs Porto in Chelsea’s Champions League quarter finals first leg. In what was the first shot on target by the Blues in the match, Mason Mount received the ball from Jorginho and after a quick swivel and turn, dispatched the ball into the net.


Thomas Tuchel’s approach is based on Juego De Posicion, and it can be seen clearly in the build-up here to the goal. Ben Chilwell and Reece James as wingbacks provide the width, with Kai Havertz and Mason Mount occupying the left and right half spaces respectively. Timo Werner is in the central channel, albeit offside, but the front five in a straight line provide access to the most dangerous areas of the pitch. The box can be penetrated via half spaces or via progression from the wings.

Jorginho is at the bast of the Zone 14, the hyper space of creation and launching the final pass. Porto have an effective man making scheme on Kai, Timo and Mount, with pressing triggers if the ball is moved out into the wings.


Chelsea’s 3-4-3 sees the two double sixes in Jorginho and Kovacic at the ends of the zone 14, and the front five in a line and to create a polygon with access to all attacking zones.


Jorginho receives the ball from Kovacic, in a bid to move the defence. As soon has he receives the ball he looks for options, and Porto are late in triggering their pressing trigger. This allows Mount to come shorter into the right half space and allow Jorginho to find him.

Mount is marked by the Porto left back, who upon the launch of the line breaking ball by Jorginho makes a poor decision to intercept the ball. He fails miserably, and Mount receives the ball on his left foot exquisitely and turns into the space towards goal, which was emptied by the left back’s error and finishes past Marchesin in goal.

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